Key Highlights

  • Company Overview
    • CHF Capital SA is a wealth and asset manager company offering professional and personalized advice to high-net-worth, families, entrepreneurs, charities, and institutions.
      CHF Capital is a member of the Organisme d’Autorégulation des Gérants de Patrimoine – OAR-G

  • Shareholder Base
    • Independent – CHF Capital SA is fully owned by the management
      CHF Capital is supported by a high profile Advisory Board

  • Experienced Management Team
    • A highly qualified management team with strong technical backgrounds in Wealth Management
      A team of seasoned professionals with international banking and a strong track record

Core Activities

Investment Advisory

We are focused on providing the appropriate investment solutions and financial services the clients require. Our extensive network gives access to best in class products and investment opportunities from several banks and financial institutions.

Investment Management

Our expertise lies in constructing portfolios tailored to the investor‘s specific requirements and continuously monitoring the risk / reward We work collaboratively to develop investment solutions, delivered through consulting, advice, and bespoke discretionary strategies.

Risk Management

We measure investment risk in terms of the asset and geographical allocation in the portfolio. More volatile assets offer greater opportunities but have a higher risk. Combining asset classes and investments with different volatility characteristics enables a better risk adjusted return in the portfolio

Fees Monitoring

Cost management has a material impact on investment returns. We serve as a link between clients and custodian banks to ensure that the cost of investment products and banking services are controlled and minimized.

Our Approach

CHF Capital provides continuous personalized advisory services to its clients on their overall investment portfolio along with monthly reports on the consolidated portfolio

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Scope of Activities

We offer our clients a truly open architecture ensuring the widest reach possible

Banking Support

  • Selection of appropriate banks
  • Account Opening with several banks
  • KYC and AML documentation
  • Compliance support
  • Management of relationship with the banks
  • Negotiation of fees
  • Asset Management
  • Credit and real estate lending

  • Investment Support

  • Consolidated Reporting
  • In house advisory and discretionary services
  • Selection of external fund and portfolio managers
  • Structuring of products with a wide range of banks
  • Access to Private Equity and VC funds
  • Real Estate investments
  • Direct investments
  • Credit and Lombard Lending
  • External Services

  • Corporate Advisory
  • Estate Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Legal and Tax advice
  • Members of the Board


    Ziad El Rayes
    Co-founder & Managing Partner

    Ziad was with the NBAD Group between 2008 and 2018. He was the General Manager of the bank in Lebanon. Prior to that, he was the Head of the Levant & North Africa team with the bank in Geneva where he managed accounts of ultra high net worth individuals and institutional clients. Before that, he was a Member of the Management with BNP Paribas in Switzerland in charge of the Saudi and Kuwaiti markets. Ziad started his professional career with Merrill Lynch as a Financial Consultant in 1998. Ziad holds an MBA degree from Imperial College in London.


    Hadi Khairallah, CFA
    Co-founder & Managing Partner

    Hadi was a Director with First Abu Dhabi Bank between 2016 and 2018. Prior to that, he worked with Credit Suisse during a period of eight years where he managed a diverse portfolio of investment accounts for leading regional companies and high net-worth individuals in the Levant and GCC area. Hadi also helped in many private placement transactions . He started his career with JPMorgan as an analyst for Saudi Arabia and responsible for Business development for the Private Banking in Bahrain. Hadi is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder.


    Claude-Henri Chavanon
    Co-founder, Managing Partner & CEO

    Claude-Henri spent 10 years with First Abu Dhabi Bank. He was Managing Director and Head of Global Asset Management for First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) in the UAE. Prior to that, he contributed to build the FAB Private Bank (Suisse) franchise in Geneva as Head of Private Banking and then Head of Investment team. Before that, Claude-Henri worked with Index Ventures for their Venture and Private Equity deals. Claude-Henri also worked as a relationship manager for different family offices.
    Claude-Henri holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Business Management from (HEC).


    Yves Amacker
    Managing Partner

    Yves founded his own company Gestion de Patrimoine SA based in Switzerland (Valais) in 1996. The company is specialized in the sector of Fiduciary, Taxes, Real Estate, and Wealth Management. Yves holds a Master in Economic Science at University of Fribourg.

    Our People


    Nabil Khairallah
    Advisory Board

    Mr. Khairallah held the role of Chief Executive Office of Banque de l’Industrie et du Travail (BIT Bank) from 1985 to 2012, he left the bank in December 2012 to set up a commercial Bank in Mozambique Mr. Khairallah has served several customers in Switzerland, Luxembourg and other jurisdictions as Chairman or board member including Lebanese Swiss Bank, Société Financière et Immobilière du Port de Beyrouth S.A.L, BIT Bank, Middle East Capital Group (MECG - Investment Bank), Arab Financial Services(Kingdom of Bahrain), Société Hôtelière de Tourisme S.A.L, Société Financière du Liban S.A.L..
    Mr. Khairallah holds a BS in Economics, a Master degree and DESS in Banking and Finance from University Saint Joseph.


    Robert Yeterian
    Advisory Board

    Robert is a Senior Banker who made his career with BNP Paribas over a 45-year period.
    Robert was with BNP Paribas in Lebanon, France then Geneva where he was responsible of the Middle East desk.
    Robert Yeterian managed clients with asset under management reaching several hundred millions USD.


    Dr. Nabil Charaf
    Advisory Board

    Dr. Charaf is a Montreux based attorney at law with a long experience in business, tax, real estate and civil law.
    Dr. Charaf holds a Masters and PHD in law from Neuchâtel University and is a member of the Swiss bar association
    He is a member of Gesica Association, an international network of lawyers based in Paris, that provide global legal services.


    Laurent Deshusses
    Portfolio Manager

    Laurent is a portfolio manager and Investment advisor for more than 20 years. He spent 3 years with Sagitta, a family office in Switzerland, 7 years with NBAD private Bank Suisse, he was responsible for NBAD’S discretionary portfolio management offering, and member of the Global investment committee. Laurent also spent 10 years as portfolio manager with UBS wealth management.
    Laurent holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management from Universite de Geneve.


    Fabienne Lhermitte
    Administrative Assistant

    Holder of a commercial apprenticeship, Fabienne began her career working 10 years for a construction company. After founding a family and raising her children for 10 years, Fabienne restarted her professional career. In August 2015, she began working for as administrative and tax assistant. In February 2018, when joined forces with CHF Capital, Fabienne continued in the same function as executive assistant, servicing both companies.


    Aurélie Tauxe
    Administrative Assistant

    After a commercial apprenticeship in 2009 and a Federal Vocational Baccalaureate 2011, Aurélie began her career with as administrative and tax assistant. In February 2018, when joined forces with CHF Capital, Aurélie pursued her tasks as executive assistant, servicing both companies.

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